TCFF 3 Day Weekend

"Deep in the woods, an amateur camper - Ben - stumbles into a kidnapping in progress. A deaf, native-American woman - Shan - is bound in the back of a big American car. But before Ben can free her, he’s chased into the woods by the returning kidnapper - Schnappsie. Lost, with only Shan’s phone for clues, Ben tries to piece together the story unfolding all around him: photos of a map, keys, mysterious notes. But when the story shifts to Schnappsie’s point of view - then the other kidnapper, Sledge’s - we see Ben had everything wrong. Actually everyone has everything wrong. A camping trip, a kidnapping, a jailhouse rendezvous, a revenge plot - each character’s seeing a different story. 3 Day Weekend is a dense puzzle of an American thriller, unresolved til the last shot of the film, innovative and archetypal like Cop Car, Blue Ruin, or Memento. And told without dialogue. "

79 Minutes

TCFF 3 Day Weekend Show Times

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