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Content - When asked to model for a professional photographer, Kevin (Ben Sidell) is hit with a rush of both excitement and fear. As the shoot commences he proves to be a little out of his depth. Willing to do whatever it takes to get the perfect shot, Kevin allows the line of professionalism to blur as Colin (Philipp Maximilian), the photographer pushes him. After the duo finally get an “amazing” shot, Kevin is left wondering if it was worth it. She’s In Portland - Two old college friends now in their thirties, admire each other’s lives and feel trapped in their own. Wes, tied to his demanding corporate career and his responsibilities to his growing family, extends a work trip to drag his dispirited artist friend Luke up the California Coast to find Luke's “one that got away”. As they travel from Los Angeles to Portland, the journey takes a deeper look into life choices, acceptance, and commitment.

111 Minutes

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