BFF Shorts Program I

You Need Help - Fred tries to bring life back into his marriage after a mysterious leaflet lands on his doormat, promising to bring joy back into his life again. American Life - Michael uses boxing for moments of escape from his violent Chicago community until his younger brother is threatened by gang members. Heirloom - When a young woman enlists her best girlfriends to retrieve a family heirloom from a creepy house, the women butt heads with a gang of misfits who live there. BOY EATS GIRL: A Zombie Love Story - A short romantic comedy about two zombies who meet-cute while fighting over a dead woman’s intestines. Their brains have died, but not their hearts. The Bigonia Garden - While war is raging outside, neighbors Adam and Barr meet in the staircase between sirens. The war and their budding relationship force Adam to deal with his personal and social anxieties. Class of 84 - Teenager Mike feels smothered by his overprotective mom’s extensive safety rules, until he uncovers a horrifying curse that puts her in immediate danger. With the help of a mysterious shut-in named Robbie Zygowski (voiced by Dr. Katz’s Jonathan Katz), Mike must decide whether or not he can break his mother’s rules to save her life. Waiting Game - Kenny puts his life on hold to move back home and take care of his dying father, Mel. he must decide whether to let his father take his own life, or to continue to let him suffer. A Valley - A couple goes on a final camping trip to feel alone and alive before the end.

138 Minutes

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