Doctor Who: The End of Time 10th Anniversary

In “The End of Time,” the Doctor’s psychotic nemesis the Master (Simm) has been reborn, on Christmas Eve. With both determined to cheat death, the battle ranges from the wastelands of London to the mysterious Immortality Gate, while the alien Ood warn of an even greater danger approaching, as a terrible shadow falls across the entire Universe. Soon the Master’s plans hurtle out of control. With the sound of drums growing louder, and an ancient trap closing around the Earth, the Doctor and Wilf (Cribbins) must fight alone. But sacrifices must be made, and the deadly prophecy warns: “He will knock four times.”

Bernard Cribbins, Catherine Tate, Claire Bloom, David Tennant, John Simm, Timothy Dalton
Euros Lyn
145 Minutes

Doctor Who: The End of Time 10th Anniversary Show Times

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