20 Weeks is a romantic drama about love, science and how prenatal and genetic testing impacts everyday people. The story is about a Los Angeles couple in their thirties, who after learning that their baby has a very serious health issue in utero, must decide whether or not to move forward with the pregnancy. Told in a nonlinear fashion, the film interweaves present and past moments of the love and courtship of Maya and Ronan. Together only a short time, the two fall madly in love, and when they’re surprised with an untimely pregnancy, they have nothing but love for their unborn child. At their 20-week scan, their doctor diagnoses their baby with some serious issues that could be indicative of a larger syndrome. Maya and Ronan are confused and devastated by the news. Their doctor advises them of their options: they can terminate by week 24 or continue with the pregnancy. But before making any further choices, they are advised to undergo genetic testing to determine just how serious the issues could be. Maya and Ronan don’t know what to do. They can’t think straight, and immediately, there is a huge wedge in their relationship. What follows is a roller coaster of highs and lows, and a very difficult set of decisions that have to be made.

90 Minutes

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