Funeral Day

"Scott thinks he might be dying. Not at all an uncommon thought for Scott, but today the lump he believes he found """"down there"""" might actually be real. Today also happens to be the day of his friend Ken’s funeral. ­ When his buddy Chris comes to pick him up for the funeral, Scott refuses to go. Instead, he sets off on a mission to make some “dramatic” changes in his life ­and he doesn’t have much time because, well, he might be dying too. Skipping a friend’s funeral and pissing off a buddy may not be the best way to start his mission, but Scott is nothing if not determined; (determined to avoid death, doctors, and adult responsibilities, but determined nevertheless). Funeral Day is a darkly funny movie about a man who skips his friend’s funeral in an attempt to start living his own life to the fullest."

79 Minutes

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