Surprise Me!

What if pain was merely a setup for the ultimate surprise party... and binges were hidden clues? Genie is a surprise party planner who hates surprises. Her partner Steven calls her out on every issue she owns. Danny would be perfect for her but she keeps him in the friend zone. Along comes Jeff. Everything she avoids—until now. Meanwhile, Surprise Enterprise is hired by an anonymous Hollywood producer to throw a surprise wedding for his girlfriend. Genie must get her down the aisle without telling her she’s the bride. Jeff wants a commitment. Danny’s girlfriend is super annoying. Cookies and cereal summon Genie every night with a vengeance. In the end, Genie discovers that with life, with love, and crazy cravings, what’s real in life screams... SURPRISE!

Fiona Gubelmann, Heidi Johanningmeier, Jonathan Bennett, Nicole Sullivan, Sean Faris
Nancy Goodman
103 Minutes

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