Summer Solstice

Trans man Leo’s acting career may be about to take off, but in the meantime life’s a jumble of auditions, classes, barista jobs, and a friends with benefits-ship he wants to be more. When Leo’s college best friend, cisgender and straight Eleanor, calls him out of the blue and tells him she will be driving through NYC, and wants to go upstate for an impromptu weekend away, Leo says yes - even though he’s got a big callback first thing Monday, and years of unfinished business with Eleanor that maybe now is not the best time to unearth. But off to Hudson, New York they go! Things seem off to a smooth start, until they run into Leo’s former acting school classmate, trans man Oliver, and his cisgender friend, Joe. Chaos gently ensues - climaxing in, well, not quite a climax, but perhaps the grounds for a new, more honest friendship.

81 Minutes

Summer Solstice Show Times

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