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Stories Behind the Menu

Stories Behind the Menu is a shared experience celebrating culture and courageous conversation. What started as a dinner book club has expanded to quarterly culinary adventure featuring a local chef who prepares a multi-course meal, shares personal stories of their cultural traditions and history. Founders Chaz and Julie have intimate sit-down dinner with 4 of their featured chefs to dive deeper into each of their culinary journey's. These immersive, intimate, interactive dinner experiences spark brave conversations in which differences and similarities can be acknowledged and respected. Participants are nourished by great food, new connections, and deeper understanding of diverse cultures and perspectives. With a commitment to creating stronger, more inclusive communities, Stories Behind the Menu promotes racial health and equity and embraces food as a common thread that unites and heals us all.

14 Minutes
Thursday, October 19 2023

Stories Behind the Menu Show Times

There are currently no sessions scheduled. Please check back again later.