Kerasotes ICON-X

For more information visit: The ICONX enhanced Xperience begins with high-back Euro-style chairs in the ICON Reserved Seating section or Deluxe Memory-Foam Chairs in the VIP 21+ Reserved Seating section; a giant screen that is almost 1,500 square feet; Real-D 3D capability; all-digital Barco Ultra-Brite enhanced 4K projection for the brightest and sharpest picture on screens today. In addition to projection and visual enhancements, select ICONX presentations will also feature Dolby® ATMOS™; upwards of 60 individually powered QSC Speakers; and up to 40 QSC Digital Amplifiers, creating more than 100,000 watts of audio power. Dolby® ATMOS™ enables sound to be placed anywhere in the auditorium, delivering a unique and compelling experience with natural and lifelike soundscapes, surpassing anything else currently available in theatres. To learn more about Dolby® ATMOS™ - visit

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There are currently no sessions scheduled. Please check back again later.